CPAC held its coronation last week. And why not, their wanna be führer is bulletproof. With his stubbly little fingers in the shape of a gun, Trump vowed he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and he would not lose a vote. Trump doubled down on that promise and got…

Making nonsense of the senseless babble

Stuck in the car for eight last Thursday, I gave in to the temptation (and amusement) of listening to the conservative talk radio. I chose an auspicious day to listen in. The conservative (sent by God) messiah had just been kicked out of the White House the previous month and…


An industry disruption that sparked, then fizzled for lack of school district courage

Photo by Gary Janosz

These days it seems teachers are always begging for money. As a classroom teacher, I was the biggest benefactor of my own program. My personal philosophy was: This is my career, and I’m not planning to spend my entire career just getting by with the school district’s miserly resources. My…

A simple guide to a healthy loaf of sourdough bread without the guesswork

I’m not a baker by trade. I’m a retired teacher with plenty of time to work through the sourdough process. I’ve done so enough times that I can consistently produce a beautiful loaf of artisan, sourdough bread…

We need new leadership. Biden can't do it. Trump wants division. I've heard talk of dusting off Hillary Clinton and running her again. Where are the young people?

OK, can I go back to looking at cute kitty videos now, this is boring.


Sorry I agree with you 100% but the American public are lazy selfish fools who will do nothing to help themselves. It's like the frogs in the pot set to boil, the water's fine, what's the problem? We will relax in the pot until it comes to a boil and it far too late. Then they will cry--"That's not fair."

Do you ever get the feeling the Republicans are playing hard ball and the Democrats can't get out of the sand lot. It's pathetic. Mitch McConnell has more power than all the Democrats combined.

Gary Janosz

Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

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