CPAC held its coronation last week. And why not, their wanna be führer is bulletproof. With his stubbly little fingers in the shape of a gun, Trump vowed he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and he would not lose a vote. Trump doubled down on that promise and got five people killed when he instigated his insurrection at the Capital on January 6th. Trump’s outcry at the Capital was not unlike a three year old’s temper tantrum over the injustice of taking turns. “It’s Biden’s turn now my little Trumper. You can try again in 4 years. Don’t cry…

Making nonsense of the senseless babble

Stuck in the car for eight last Thursday, I gave in to the temptation (and amusement) of listening to the conservative talk radio. I chose an auspicious day to listen in. The conservative (sent by God) messiah had just been kicked out of the White House the previous month and Pope Rush Limbaugh died the day before, after struggling with lung cancer for a year. You can’t even count on a something dependable like lung cancer being quick and efficient anymore. You would think with all of the hot air Limbaugh expelled daily, it surely would have hastened his demise…


An industry disruption that sparked, then fizzled for lack of school district courage

Photo by Gary Janosz

These days it seems teachers are always begging for money. As a classroom teacher, I was the biggest benefactor of my own program. My personal philosophy was: This is my career, and I’m not planning to spend my entire career just getting by with the school district’s miserly resources. My wife spent 36 years as a kindergarten teacher at a neighboring school district but shared the same experience. We decided that money spent on our classrooms was an investment in our careers. The first thirteen years of my career I taught in elementary school, the last seven in junior high.

A simple guide to a healthy loaf of sourdough bread without the guesswork

I’m not a baker by trade. I’m a retired teacher with plenty of time to work through the sourdough process. I’ve done so enough times that I can consistently produce a beautiful loaf of artisan, sourdough bread. I use heritage whole wheat flour. I’ll walk you through the process of starting your starter and mixing your first batch of dough. I’ll take the guess work out of the proofing process and show you how to bake your first loaf. …

I usually skip these side-hustle articles. I'm glad I read this one. Cool concept thanks for promoting it. People with too much stuff helping people without enough--nice.

I agree with everything you say, almost. I'd be embarrassed to even claim to be an American after the Trump years, but fuck it you can't say please and thank you and break into a smile once in awhile.

I'm mostly bald, but I have a couple of trimmers just for my nose and ears. Geeze who's even heard of ear hair.

I like to test this prolife bullshit--FedEx the unwanted otherwise aborted bundle of joy to good old daddy for 100 percent care and maintenance. Why should mom bear the burden, she already put in nine months? Let the Texas males carry their weight of their grand laws.

You mean pro birth. Your life after birth is worth about as much as the afterbirth sack that followed you out of the womb unless you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stay off the dole. Love? Christian love Trump style--go back to whatever shit hole country came from.

HELLO! McConnell is full of partisan shit. Do they think the public is so stupid as to not remember anything? GOP lawmakers during the Trump administration voted three times to suspend the debt ceiling. Federal policymakers added trillions of dollars to the federal debt during Trump’s presidency — significantly more than has been added by Biden — with the support of Republican leaders.

Gary Janosz

Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

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