Only if you discount our problems. Water is a good example. Regardless of distribution due to changing weather patterns we have the exact same amount of water on the planet as we did in 1950. Yet since that time we have added 5.23 billion people. How can that not impact our water supply? That is also 5.23 billion more consumers and their attendant waste. 5.23 billion more mouths to feed, yet the available ag land remains constant, totally dependent on available water and fossil fuel-based fertilizer. Population growth keeps the economic engine running, period. There is no other benefit to increasing the Earth's human population. There is a tipping point it's just a question of when we reach it. But as you say the topic remains taboo.


Actually, a two-child limit would reduce the Earth's population by 1 billion by 2050. (Not my numbers)



I used to believe my country, the U.S. would lead the world in solving global problems, instead our political leadership wants to return us to the Dark Ages. Soon the U.S. will reelect Trump and the race backwards will really pick up speed.

Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

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